Eclectic magazine for the expression of music & the creative arts.

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WHO should advertise? 

Creative companies and individuals who have innovative ideas and aim high. The products/services can be from all areas (ie: fashion, lifestyle..) but should have a heart of music.. For example clothing that music people love, music accessories, music films, music inspired homeware, etc.


WHAT are we about? 

Eclectic magazine for the expression of music and the creative arts. For the love of music.. we interpret this passion through variations including fashion, art, lifestyle and words from the heart of the industry.


WHY choose us? 

We have gained strong support from the music industry including exclusive interviews for KISS FM's Neev, Tough Love, Tomorrowland Belgium Festival's Josh Lasden, #Richkids Of Beverly Hills' Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff, Dirtybird record label and more.


WHERE will we distribute?

Everywhere! The beauty of being free, means no limitations. We will begin with our main contacts in USA, UK, Mauritius, Singapore and Netherlands. We also have 37 online distributors, with a vast worldwide potential audience.


HOW much? 

Our prices are considerably lower than the major music magazines, yet offer a bigger gain, by the fact that our magazine is entirely free - meaning much more convenience to audience and many more potential readers and audience to you.



Magazine Feature: 

Advertisement for business given a magazine placement.

- Free to read via 37 worldwide digital distributors

- Free app available on Android & Apple devices.

- Available to order print editions on demand.


Newsletter Feature:

Advertisement for business, information & digital link presented on company mailout to over 500 subscribers.


Social Promotion:

Advertisement for business and digital link presented across interactive social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn.


Website Feature:

Advertisement for business and digital link presented on company website.

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Quality presentation for your business needs at lower prices than the major music magazines. We offer a better audience gain as the beauty of being a free publication, means no limitations. This is more than just advertising, this is an investment for a brighter music industry future.