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A crowd bundled together in a carefree daze. Explore the Kaz’Out music festival highlights, an event which fascinated our senses at every turn. An individual absorbed in a vibe that they feel right through their body. The dancefloor is our sanctuary as we look into the healing power of music. My life switched back on, somebody pressed play and I found my inner peace - music is my truth. The vibe is still as it was, The legendary UK Garage duo discuss being back in the studio creating momentum as they embark on their new journey as Original Dodger. Feel the music, feel its soul and get lost in it. Unwind and be compelled with our review of the Royauté beach rendez-vous. Discover the warm and intimate live sessions of Pozitive Vibes which aim to support passionate local musicians. Be loyal to your true love and music style. He set the party alight like an unstoppable adrenaline shot, electronic artist Guy Mantzur shares his thoughts on the Mauritian crowd as well as his career. We've got your events guide, show listings and music from Danielle Bellas, Phonetix, T8PES, Lola Carmel, Deuce & Charger, Shay D and Stonebwoy.



Issue AM053

"A beautiful sunset always makes my heart happy." Guy Mantzur


"Cats getting scared of cucumbers, our families and Taz & Beefy make us smile!" Original Dodger



You can achieve anything that you want with enough focus and believe in your hands.

You’ve been following your destiny, you’re so near.


The future’s there for you to take it.

Tell yourself everyday – You’re Amazing!

Breathe in, breathe out, Believe.


Royauté was held on 2 November at the beautiful location of The St. Regis Mauritius Resort, Le Morne. The luxury rendez-vous theme allowed guests to unwind, indulge in fine tastes and be compelled by the music.