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Keep your heart beating. The warm discovery of George Taylor imparts wisdom and light through the changing seasons. Believe in yourself and become your biggest cheerleader! RnB singer Danielle Bellas shares her journey, promoting self-belief and empowerment through her songs. Trust your gut, having been in the music scene for over 12 years, Hip Hop artist Shay D reveals her industry advice. Immersive sounds and artisanal beer, discover the UKs biggest festival of it’s kind, Craft Beer Rising in Shoreditch, London. I really wanted to create a song that was empowering, Leanne Louise talks about creating musical magic in her pyjamas with Subaholic's. A multifaceted diamond. Urban singer Karina Nistal discusses her new album which explores the highs and lows of her recent year, fusing together Latin and US influences. An iconic music affair bringing forth many of the Ibiza faithful, find out about Music On Festival which is set to light up Amsterdam. We've got your events guide, show listings and music from Dean Grant, JS Ondara, Enigma, Wes Thomas and Jenny Teator.  



Issue AM055

"Music, sunhine, singing, the beach, hiking, seeing my loved ones happy, simple things." Karina Nistal's reasons to smile.


My friends, family, love,  swimming in the ocean, dancing, my favourite songs, live music, being in nature, cute animals... and so much more!" Danielle Bellas's reasons to smile.



Be yourself.


Surround yourself with positivity & pro-active people.


Do other things that keep you inspired.


- Shay D




Keep your heart beating.

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