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Guilty Pleasures

By audiationmagazine, Oct 19 2017 10:48AM

By day one way, by night another. The light reflects my pure essence. Now let me show you my dark side.


The darkness tearing at my heart.

I feel so weak.


Every word she says is a dagger to the heart. Red lips, shoulda known right from the start.


I still yearn for that needle to penetrate my skin for hours on end.



I don't want anyone to hurt no more.

I cupped the barrel of the gun,

Placed it in my mouth,

Finger on the trigger...


You don't want to see weakness.

You don't want the dark reality.

So, I'll keep the mask on.


The heat rises

My head is spinning

It's dangerously addictive

This forbidden act of love


Too many times has she been cursed.

She wonders if revenge is as sweet as they say.



I struggle, I fight dark forces in the clear moonlight

Without fear


I'm ready to learn what it takes to burn

I'm gonna let you show me what it means to breathe fire


Tell me where you want to go

You've got the gun in your hands, I know you've got plans

You should pull the hammer back, you could be on the attack

Girl I know you'll take me down...


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