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Vinyl For A Cause

By audiationmagazine, May 18 2016 11:39AM

Vinyl For A Cause is a record label built around passion for music and intent on bettering the community we live in. Every limited edition record we release will feature two bands covering each other, on sides A and B of a 7-inch vinyl record. We've partnered with VH1 Save The Music Foundation for our promotional run of three releases, and half of our proceeds will go to support music education programs across the US. Following the promotional launch, we plan to keep working with bands that want to shed light on important social and political causes.

Chicagoan record label built around passion for music and intent on bettering the community -

We came across a video of Brand New covering Modest Mouse’s Trailer Trash. Jesse Lacey started off the video by talking about how it’s an honor to play this song and how much he loves and respects the music that they make. This really resonated with us and we started thinking about how cool the idea of musicians covering each other's music really is ... We then thought about how we could really give back to the community and help set this idea apart from others.

Combining music and charity is one of the world’s wonders, because of it the outcome provides a better community for us all.. Read the full interview with Vinyl For A Cause founders Adam Victorn and Charlie Greengoss.

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