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By audiationmagazine, Dec 10 2018 11:11AM

Picture this, it’s 7am on a cold Monday morning and you’re starting your daily journey. It might even be raining a little, but yet there is a random commuter avidly smiling whilst head bopping, foot tapping or even outright dancing whilst somewhat oblivious to the reactions of anybody else. Involved in their own private silent disco. Your first thought, most likely would be to think they were perhaps a touch crazy, but the chances are, it’s the signs of happiness that you are witnessing. An individual absorbed in a vibe that they feel right through their body.

By audiationmagazine, Dec 4 2018 11:15AM

2019 is not long around the corner and Circoloco have already prepared to kick things off with a storm on January 19th. The team behind one of Ibiza’s most prestigious parties have announced a first ever show in South East Asia at the award-winning Baba Beach Club in Phuket, Thailand with a sick line up to boot.

By audiationmagazine, Nov 23 2018 11:22AM

It’s the party with the distinctive clown face that we all know and love. The party that undeniably owns Mondays each and every summer in Ibiza with a line up that looks like what you could call a UEFA Champions League of DJs. Circoloco. The Spanish to English translation for this party curated by 2 Italians reads ‘Crazy Circus’ and rightly so. For that is what springs to mind. A crazy circus of quality underground music, usually across 3 rooms at DC10. A party built on no gimmicks, just quality pedal to the metal House & Techno. Founded in 1999 as an after-hours night to follow on from the 24hr Sunday sessions at Space, Circoloco has been raising the bar for underground music parties for almost 20 years. And to this day it still continues to do so, leaving party goers with ever-lasting memories yearning for more. A ‘DJ’s DJ’ is a track selector of the highest decree, one who entertains the faithful whilst educating the well schooled. If this term could be applied to parties, then Circoloco is ‘The Party’s Party’. 

By audiationmagazine, Nov 20 2018 12:51PM

Within recent years Solardo have risen to become one of the most sought after acts on the underground music scene. Their hard-driving, party-starting style of Tech House, which is evident in their tracks & DJ sets has seen the boys from Manchester score numerous number 1s and top ten hits, and play at some of the biggest parties across the globe. With the Ibiza season at a close, Halloween already drifting away and Christmas still feeling a young age away, “Higher” a showcase presented by Solardo was the perfect anecdote to bridge the gap. The line up set to be showcased at the newly re-built Studio 338 in Greenwich, London was heavyweight. A top heavy line up playing through a bass heavy Void sound system balanced out with upcoming DJs Mason Maynard & Late Replies playing some cool early sets. 

By audiationmagazine, Sep 10 2018 02:00PM

Audiation magazine has always been about keeping our ears to the ground, looking at break-through acts and trying to have our noses poking around in the right places sniffing out what’s hot and fresh on the underground scene. It was 3 years when we had our attention drawn to a New York based duo by the name of Eskuche & Nu Sky. We manage to catch up with Eskuche ahead of his upcoming gig in his home town of New York City for Jamie Jones’ Paradise.

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