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By audiationmagazine, Feb 9 2019 11:11AM

Karina Nistal shares a beautiful fusion of her Latin roots together with modern influences in her music. Opening her arms to embrace the world, delving deep into her creative subconscious, exploring life and its meaning - she is inspirational.

By audiationmagazine, Sep 10 2018 02:00PM

Audiation magazine has always been about keeping our ears to the ground, looking at break-through acts and trying to have our noses poking around in the right places sniffing out what’s hot and fresh on the underground scene. It was 3 years when we had our attention drawn to a New York based duo by the name of Eskuche & Nu Sky. We manage to catch up with Eskuche ahead of his upcoming gig in his home town of New York City for Jamie Jones’ Paradise.

By audiationmagazine, Aug 8 2018 11:00PM

It’s that time of the year again! The weather is warm, the sun is out, and country music is back in style again. I’m one of those people who only listens to country in the summertime because it is all about sunshine, beer and backyard parties, so why listen to that any other season? Irrelevant.

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