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By audiationmagazine, Dec 10 2018 11:11AM

Picture this, it’s 7am on a cold Monday morning and you’re starting your daily journey. It might even be raining a little, but yet there is a random commuter avidly smiling whilst head bopping, foot tapping or even outright dancing whilst somewhat oblivious to the reactions of anybody else. Involved in their own private silent disco. Your first thought, most likely would be to think they were perhaps a touch crazy, but the chances are, it’s the signs of happiness that you are witnessing. An individual absorbed in a vibe that they feel right through their body.

By audiationmagazine, Dec 7 2018 11:11AM

When all hope seems lost,

Give light to the opportunity of acceptance.

In times where troubles cripple us,

When there seems way for us to redeem,

Find refuge in the present, even if we're down and wary.

By audiationmagazine, Dec 4 2018 11:15AM

2019 is not long around the corner and Circoloco have already prepared to kick things off with a storm on January 19th. The team behind one of Ibiza’s most prestigious parties have announced a first ever show in South East Asia at the award-winning Baba Beach Club in Phuket, Thailand with a sick line up to boot.

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