test Peachs





Music, sunhine, singing, the beach, hiking, seeing my loved ones happy, simple things.


- Karina Nistal



My friends, family, love,  swimming in the ocean, dancing, my favourite songs, live music, being in nature, cute animals... and so much more!


- Danielle Bellas



You can see sunshine and rain

But what I see is rainbows changing

Look at it again and again

It can be what you want it to be

The future’s there for you to take it

Tell yourself everyday – You’re Amazing!

Breathe in, breathe out, Believe

My reasons to  

Many things, from small to big ones. A beautiful sunset always makes my heart happy.


- Guy Mantzur



Cat’s getting scared of cucumbers, our families and Taz & Beefy! (Google it...)


- Original Dodger



My kitty Sebastian. Techno. Playing a live gig. Beautiful surprises and divinely guided synchronistic messages from my intuition and the Universe.


- Sharm Pillay



Being in each others company. Always get them belly laughs and tears in your eyes from cracking up.


- The Dirty Outlaws




Keep your heart beating.


We are all meant to shine.


Keep going whatever comes your way.


It's all a part of our human experience.