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Audiation Magazine is an international publication featuring music content to varied tastes. We are a proud voice for the creative sector and support Independent talent. We have broadened the idea of music by introducing editorials which involve lifestyle attributes. Music is more than sound, the culture of people in the industry is incredibly creative and inspirational. These elements can be transferred into life to promote positive behavior and imaginative thinking.


Our exclusive features have included Neev, Breach, Tomorrowland festival, Eskuche & Nu Sky, Matvey Emerson, Just Her, Freemasons and Ministry of Sound Mauritius. Figures show that compared to the average global consumers, festival goers spend 220% more time online. We use these statistics to feature some of the top festivals including Ceremony Festival, Dancefair, Abode and Tomorrowland Festival, which entices this market to our brand. The Audiation Magazine company has also received strong support from the industry with the likes of AWJ Recordings, Southstar Radio, Ten Letter PR and Slime Recordings.

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