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The kingdom of heaven resides within us. Delve into the mind of UK artist T8PES as he shuffles together raving nostalgia, good vibes and the aim to enrich people’s lives. The magic of sound has captured my heart. Get to know female DJ Tiff Cornish as she lights up the Melbourne dance floors with her glittery mixes. Enjoy the sunshine with the mystical Swipe Unicorn Shaped Speaker and get a slice of the Ibiza lifestyle with Ibiza Live TV. The grounds were buzzing at Music On festival and we dared to dream with the Eurovision Song Contest, feel the excitement with our highlights. Join the celebrations of soul music with the grand spectacular of Leopolis Jazz Fest in Ukraine and Ben Harper’s dazzling concert in Mauritius. Be you, never change. UK singer Rae Stewart talks about her rising career in the urban music scene. We've got your events guide, show listings and music from The Last InnHouse, Aaron Static, Vina Rose, DSHunt, MITAD, Misc Mood and more.



Issue AM059

"Music and food."

Rae Stewart's reasons to smile


"Seeing other people shine. Nature. Animals & Wildlife. Children playing and dancing with not even a smidgen of self consciousness. Great art."

T8PES's reasons to smile





Life is a journey. The journey IS the reward. Too many people spend too much time looking outward for fulfilment. We only need look inward. The kingdom of heaven resides within each and every one of us, we just have to unearth it.