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Don’t be afraid of love. Astronata express their emotions through music and discuss Ukraine’s involvement in the Eurovision Song Contest. Be your true self without limits. Paytra shares her journey of chasing the American dream and remaining sincere in a difficult industry. Get the lowdown on the final ever Cocoon In The Park event as well as Ministry Of Sound’s Spring/Summer line-up. Music is a healer, we look into the power of the mind and healing through positive thinking. Step into the musical mind of Seth Troxler as he rocks Shoreditch and check out the brand new trio of groove-driven bombs by Proudly People. Let’s dance! Emerging DJ Jay Price speaks of his excitement to be a part of the thriving House & Techno scene playing the music he loves. We've got your events guide, show listings and music from Trixie Whitley, Bazzi, Jamala, Ananya Birla, The Irrepressibles and more.



Issue AM058

“Sleeping in. A night in with wine, ice cream, and a good movie. The feeling after a workout. The peopleI love. Thai Food after 10pm (before 10pm, I usually feel guilty, but after 10pm I’m like - screw it!)"


- Paytra's reasons to smile



Music connects us.


It is an ageless and timeless vibration where all is One.


Present, past or transcending our 3rd dimension, Music is a World Language,



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