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The awakening is here… Don’t be afraid to make music outside of the box. From classical to bass to house, the mystery of producer ENIGMA Dubz is revealed! As he shares his story of working in the underground scene. In the spotlight The Pussycat Dolls make a fiery comeback, get blissed out with Hannah Cohen’s retro synth wave enlightenment and step into the future with Rival Consoles’ slick production. Alo Cape Town! Shivers down my spine and sparks in our eyes, Coldplay turning at 33 gave a unique cachet to Stockton Goods. Connect with nature, there are so many intriguing sounds around us. Delve into the fascinating mind of UK singer/songwriter Lylli with her mesmerising voice and artistic attitude to life. We've got your show listings and music from DMIZE, Uri Mood & Jordi Ruz, Wax Motif, Luke Davidson and more.



Issue AM064

"A sweet surprise, the unconditional love of my dogs, travelling and discovering new places, the tenderness of the babies, a finished record, a nice meal with friends, cuddling with the love one, and the list could go on and on....”

Vina Rose's reasons to smile






I hear the sound of love and harmony.


Smiles so joyous, a love so beautiful.


Gather yourself and take the next leap


You are strong, keep going.






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