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Lara Fabian

'Je Suis A Toi (Moto Blanco Remix)'


A funky production of retro grooves together with the French lyrics give a Parisian-chic feel. The sexy voice draws you in. Tu me touches et je suis à toi. There is a gorgeous oozing sensation of love and tenderness. You touch me and I am yours.


Chart Position: #12 in Mauritius


Lara Fabian | Moto Blanco



CHARTED: March 2019

Anuel AA & Karol G



A modern summer house production swirls together with the flavourful Spanish vocals. Her sultry air with his raspy tones. This song unveiled a relationship to their fans, the video portraying joyful couple’s memories. Y tu me hiciste enloquence. The lyrics somewhat contradict this sweetness with a full-on saucy nature. And you made me crazy. .


Chart Position: #2 in Spain


Anuel AA | Karol G



Sam Smith & Normani

'Dancing With A Stranger'


A poetic take on love and heartbreak. The exquisite highs and silky smoothness of the chorus is the focal point, with a catchy hook. There is a beautiful harmony as his voice dances together with her feminine tones. I don’t want to be alone tonight. This all sits atop an ultra cool, minimal production.


Chart Position: #6 in UK


Sam Smith | Normani



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