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Shay D


1. Be yourself.

2. Say yes to opportunities before you say no.

3. Keep creating.

4. Don’t be shy.

5. Don’t waste time building businesses that are not yours.




Network, network, network! Who you know is so important. Don’t compare yourself to others, everyone is on their own journey and comparing the start of yours to someone else who is 5 years in is pointless and can be so damaging.


Hone your writing skills and  nd others to co-write with. There are some great, educational music seminars out there which cover the business side of the industry and are also great for networking and  nding others to write with, so look for any near you and invest in yourself and your education.


Lastly, believe in yourself and become your biggest cheerleader! Determination and motivation is so important, never give up and keep yourself in the game - You Got This!




Don't let anyone make you doubt yourself. Keep practicing, keep plugging, and keep singing!



Well, I spent a long time dabbling with DJing, playing in my bedroom, at house parties and landing the odd birthday party or club gig here and there. I remember hustling my way to a back to back set at a Oceana in Milton Keynes when I was in my early twenties, networking for a slot, singing vocals with a dnb DJ at a bar in Melbourne when  was travelling, landing a warm up set at a club in Switzerland that my friend networked for me whilst working out there. Even after doing a great job on these occasions, I continued to just dream of being a professional DJ and vocalist. I certainly never thought I'd be able to do both of them simultaneously one day. I have been DJing now for 15 years but only started to believe I could make a career out of this 4 or so years ago. I woke up one day and realised I could achieve my dream, that anyone can achieve their dream and I use my platform for spreading this message out to the masses via the lyrics I sing in my sets - to take action and put the wheels in motion to get to work on achieving their goals and dreams, amongst other things. If you know you have a musical gift, don’t waste it. Share what you were blessed with and use it for good, for spreading love and light. Sharing what you do and striving to be better and grow, will encourage others to do the same – the positivity that spreads as a result lifts the spirits of the whole world.


Never give up, keep trying and most importantly, PRACTICE as much as you can.


A few DJs (David Jay, Creamcracker / The bakery,...) give courses, register yourself and go for it.


I also encourage more girls to do it!



My first piece of advice would be to always believe in your gifts and to not let anybody tell you who you can and can't be.


Study hard and work diligently, ask for help from other musicians around you, and don't take constructive criticism personally. Instead see it as an opportunity to grow.


However, you get to decide which direction you want to reach your branches in, always. Listen to others' opinions, yet form your own using your own intuition and judgement.


Lastly, if you haven't already, learn how to breathe from your diaphragm. Once I learned how to breathe properly, I stopped straining my vocal chords and di cult lines became easier, it's definitely an essential for the aspiring singer!

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