By audiationmagazine, Aug 16 2019 10:11AM

Lil Nas X ft Billy Ray Cyrus - Old Town Road

Chart Position: #7 in UK

Links: Purchase | Lil Nas X | Billy Ray Cyrus

Get on your horse, saddle up and ride straight back into the country western era with this interesting creation. A quaint guitar melody plays us in with the rustic vocal. This moves into the modern day with a suave lyrical flow and a hip hop beat. Simply a fresh and catchy song about horses, this viral number has rocked the charts across the world.

Khalid - Talk

Chart Position: #5 in USA

Links: Purchase | Khalid

A moment of romance, this is a gorgeous little song. The pop production is comprised of subtle retro synths, a steady beat to bop to and a sweetness in the atmosphere. The voice shines in the spotlight with delightful high notes and husky warmth. His charm is sure to win over many hearts.

Yannick Noah - Viens

Chart Position: #12 in Mauritius

Links: Purchase | Yannick Noah

Pretty and playful. This French pop song is a summer favourite with a lively rhythm and a bright feelgood mood. The traditional and comforting vocals sit atop a delightful track to get you moving and smiling. The lyrics tell us come on young ones, life is confusing but see those people dancing in the wind - smile, break free and dance too.

By audiationmagazine, Aug 15 2019 10:11AM

Solomon Grey’s single is given a remix from UK producer Hectic. The piano chords lead us in with a feeling of melancholy. A sturdy beat cuts through like a treacherous dagger. An eerie voice asks ‘How could I ever live without you?’

The music video is equally dramatic and reveals a dark story. A love triangle. A cursed fate. The visual piece features Bolton College performing arts students and was lmed in and around the college.

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