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By audiationmagazine, Sep 10 2018 02:00PM

Audiation magazine has always been about keeping our ears to the ground, looking at break-through acts and trying to have our noses poking around in the right places sniffing out what’s hot and fresh on the underground scene. It was 3 years when we had our attention drawn to a New York based duo by the name of Eskuche & Nu Sky. We manage to catch up with Eskuche ahead of his upcoming gig in his home town of New York City for Jamie Jones’ Paradise.

You’ve been racking up the air miles and begun a lot more on solo projects as ‘Eskuche’. Where in the world are you now & what’s been going on since we last spoke?

“In the last 3 years things changed completely for me, in a good way. I’ve done some amazing solo releases on labels like Repopulate Mars, Elrow, Mr. Nice guy, Deeperfect and many more. Also I played some cool gigs with Elrow, toured South America and Russia playing Schimasnki, Output and spending now my 2nd season in Ibiza as an Ibiza talents resident. Seeing some of the biggest DJs supporting my music really inspired me for more. I’ve some big stuff coming soon.”


You’ve spoken in the past about your memories of Ibiza and about how magical and inspirational the island is. Ibiza is constantly changing and growing but last year you spent the season living on the island through the summer, how did you find it and was the magic still there for you?

“I think Ibiza is all about balance, you need to take time off sometimes from the parties and just enjoy life on this magical island. Drive in to some hidden beaches, eat in nice and not so popular places, go for a walk and just enjoy simple things.”

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