Eurovision Song Contest 2019

By audiationmagazine, Jun 19 2019 10:11AM

The Netherlands  rst rehearsal 2019 photography by Thomas Hanses
The Netherlands rst rehearsal 2019 photography by Thomas Hanses

Good evening Europe! Tel Aviv, Israel, hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the inspiring slogan: Dare To Dream. This theme represents the importance of inclusion, diversity and union.

Michela opened the show, representing Malta, with the upbeat and catchy EDM/ club track ‘Chameleon’. The colourful backdrops and a dirty drop definitely got the party started.

Kate Miller-Heidke took us into a fairytale world with ‘Zero Gravity’ for Australia. With exquisite high notes, a little yodelling and a theatrical performance, the sugary pop song was a wonder to the senses.

The contest also comprised of many perfectly good English pop/dance songs which would sit well in the UK charts at any given time. Duncan Laurence’s moving song of love and heartache ‘Arcade’ allowed an impressive vocal range to shine for The Netherlands. Michael Rice represented the UK with the nice pop performance of ‘Bigger Than Us’.

The time finally came to see the results. My favourites were amongst Norway with the addictive energy and unique vocal blend, Slovenia with the delicate portrayal of love, and Spain with a burst of bright fun. We were teased with a slow reveal of each result and were unsure until the very last suspenseful moment. And the winner...

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