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Daniela Rhodes aka D-Vox is a multi- genre international DJ, vocalist and radio presenter. Having played in Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Switzerland, Australia and held residency in The Maldives, she is wowing crowds all over with her head turning DJ sets incorporating her live, ambient vocals spreading words of inspiration out to her audiences. She hosts a popular and interactive live radio show on Afro*disiac Live Radio in Bournemouth UK for the last four years and holds several local residencies offering techno, trance, house, breaks, dnb, electro swing and more.

How did it all start for you?

Well, I was about 15 when I heard Yomanda 'Synth & Strings' on the radio whilst working my Saturday job at a local Aquarium in my home town of Leighton Buzzard in the UK. In that moment, I had to find more music like it. Daft Punk 'Da Funk', Basement Jaxx 'Red Alert' and Tori Amos 'Professional Widow' really made my ears twitch and I still love to drop these tracks in my sets when I can fit them in. Discovering UK Garage had a huge influence on me as a vocalist too, I know all the words to most of the classics!

What is your advice to emerging talent and how they can set aside any fears and pursue their dreams with courage?

Well, I spent a long time dabbling with DJing, playing in my bedroom, at house parties and landing the odd birthday party or club gig here and there. I remember hustling my way to a back to back set at a Oceana in Milton Keynes when I was in my early twenties, networking for a slot, singing vocals with a dnb DJ at a bar in Melbourne when I was travelling, landing a warm up set at a club in Switzerland that my friend networked for me whilst working out there. Even after doing a great job on these occasions, I continued to just dream of being a professional DJ and vocalist. I certainly never thought I'd be able to do both of them simultaneously one day. I have been DJing now for 15 years but only started to believe I could make a career out of this 4 or so years ago. I woke up one day and realised I could achieve my dream, that anyone can achieve their dream and I use my platform for spreading this message out to the masses via the lyrics I sing in my sets - to take action and put the wheels in motion to get to work on achieving their goals and dreams, amongst other things. If you know you have a musical gift, don’t waste it. Share what you were blessed with and use it for good, for spreading love and light. Sharing what you do and striving to be better and grow, will encourage others to do the same – the positivity that spreads as a result lifts the spirits of the whole world.

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