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INTERVIEW: Guy Mantzur

By audiationmagazine, Dec 15 2018 11:11AM

Guy Mantzur has risen through Tel Aviv’s underground movement and is now a worldwide sensation.

You rocked Mauritius! What did you think about the event and the vibe from the crowd?

"I really loved the show in Mauritius. The place was magic for my music and the event was well-produced, but the big thanks goes to the amazing crowd who came and danced non-stop. Definitely one of my favorite spots from now on."

You have releases on Lost & Found, New State Music, Kompakt and more... What inspires you when producing music?

"I can be inspired by many things, it can be a movie I saw, new or old songs i hear, people I meet or DJ sets I discover... I found lately that one of the most inspiring things for me is just take to some time o in a magic place, watching the sea, clear mind always helps me to set up my thoughts and get focused regarding creating."

What advice do you have for aspiring DJs & producers?

"Avoid following trends, they all have a short life time and they will end at some point."

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