INTERVIEW: Rae Stewart

By audiationmagazine, Jun 20 2019 10:11AM

The versatile urban singer from Manchester, UK, brings raw lyrical flows and sweet twists which create a refreshing vocal concoction.

“I’ve been doing music from my early teens but I didn’t have the confidence! An opportunity came and I just went for it! It was now or regret it forever.”

Rae Stewart started singing from the age of 3 and is influenced by the likes of Lauren Hill, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Brandy, Destiny’s Child and more. Her latest single ‘Making Love’ is deliciously dark and seductive.

“I speak about my life and other people’s experiences but I also just make stuff up, even if I ain't been through it.”

Read Full Interview | Purchase ‘Making Love’ | Rae Stewart

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