By audiationmagazine, Jul 8 2019 10:11AM

Rick Live has worked in the DJ scene since his teenage years, having played in clubs and bars across the UK and Internationally with residencies in Ibiza, Malia, LA, Thailand & Australia.

“My inspiration has always come from the greats in the music industry from all types. From tracks like Man In The Mirror, Changes by 2pac and even current artists such as MK, Swedish House Mafia, Low Steppa, Sam Divine…”

Rick Live’s latest collaboration has rapidly gained media attention as he teams up with Katie Price for her brand new single ‘Hurricane’ which is set to be released 25 July 2019.

“We are currently working on a album together, and, each song has an underlying meaning to both of us which makes our combination quite lethal and exciting at the same time.”

He also co-owns the notorious UKG Chronicle festival and holds a show on London’s Flex FM 101.4FM.

“It’s welcoming to everybody. From the rainbow-coloured circle to the word “Chronicle”, we deliver a story, past and present…”

Read Full Interview | Pre-Order ‘Hurricane‘ | Rick Live | UKG Chronicle

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