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The extraordinary vocal talent from Birmingham, UK, not only inspires us musically but also with his warm heart. The sound of T8PES is a melange of optimism for life together with nostalgic inspiration.

“I've always had quite an eclectic sound because I'm influenced by so many different artists and genres, so the musical style can be somewhat difficult to describe and pin down. The whole vibe of this debut T8PES project has been centred around old skool rave, garage and jungle with added elements of modern Hip Hop and Grime.“

The ‘<<‘ album by T8PES is a fantastic, carefree trip back in time to the raving days. His raw, direct lyrical pops of emotion bring forward a huge optimistic energy. The album features Mike 110, Laura Jane, Luke Truth, Joy Bacerdo, Ricardo Williams, Holly Fitzgerald and Leanne Louise.

“The album was inspired by a nostalgia- driven vision I had to capture the feeling of rave culture back in the day and blend it with my other musical influences. In terms of content some of it was reminiscing, some recalling stories of misspent youth, love and heartbreak, social commentary, and a strong core of positivity and good energy.”

T8PES is not just a man, T8PES is a movement - the impossible dream that was somehow realised.

“The planet needs our care and attention. Please consider your actions as a steward of this planet and start thinking about what we can do to lessen the destructive effects we're currently inflicting on this beautiful world.”

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