By audiationmagazine, Mar 13 2019 11:11AM

The Mauritian DJ whose smile will lift your spirits.

I discovered Tess last year at the Royauté event, her set was just full of joy and passion - you could see and hear how much she loved doing what she was doing.

"I started listening to electronic music when I was 15, during the time I was going to El Diablo. Back then, it was really underground and listened to only by a closed circle of people. Since that time, the underground music scene evolved drastically. With the boom of events a few years ago, this kind of music became accessible to more and more people who started loving it."

With a good sense of the hottest underground house and dance music, her selections keep the crowd excited.

"Warming up for big international DJs (Guy Mantzur, They Dream / Boris Brejcha) or playing in front of 4,000 people were definitely the highlights of my career last year. You can expect a bit bigger in the future, and maybe some music production hopefully, and why not an international gig..."

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