Industry Advice with... ØKUNA

By audiationmagazine, Apr 11 2019 10:11AM

Savinien: I would say that first, you need to be sincere with what you do, you got to enjoy it even if sometimes compromises can intervene. Music is first of all, all about sharing so you need to keep your feet on the ground and enjoy everything at 200%. Besides, you need to listen to a lot of different kinds of music so you can try new things you would have never thought about before, it might be where you get the majority of your inspiration.

Aviran: I will answer to it according to my own experience: YOU CAN DO IT! I'm a big dreamer and I always choose to create whatever I want, whenever I want. Sometimes, and especially when we started, it might be just a complete mess but after all, we need to make horrible mistakes before creating something great and “listenable”, it's part of the process but we should not get discouraged by this period which can be really difficult sometimes.


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