Leanne Louise & Subaholic’s - You Will Never

By audiationmagazine, Feb 7 2019 11:11AM

A sturdy piano base, confident vocals and a deep enticing atmosphere. The theme of picking yourself up after a break up, feeling the pain but knowing that it is for the best.

“I wanted a singalong chorus, lyrics that you can relate to, but also verses displaying real emotions that everyone feels at some point in their life to balance it out.”

The music video is simply picturesque with soft shades of pinks, blues and yellows. The well-chosen locations, around the Greek island of Zante, are works of art in their own right.

“I had been invited out to Zante in Greece to perform for 2 weeks at Plaza Pallas and he mentioned the idea of shooting a music video out there so I jumped at the chance as I knew I had this single lined up and it really complements the song! Shooting the video was absolutely incredible.”

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