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By audiationmagazine, Apr 6 2018 10:00AM

The Loyola Ramblers battled their way into the Final Four for the first time since 1963 and I am just so proud!!!

The one thing I notice about these Ramblers, or better yet any athlete, is that no matter where I see them they have headphones in getting in the zone. Even when they are walking through a crowd with people chanting “LUC LUC LUC!” they still have headphones in! All I want to know is what music they are listening to!

So, these are my predictions of the tunes blasting through the headphones of the Loyola Ramblers that help them get in the zone. Now, the team is made up of international players, so their taste in music is probably very different, but these are my generalized pump-up guesses.

The Script - Hall of Fame

This is probably an end goal of all the player – be inducted in the Hall of

Fame. Right now, the nation knows some of their names, but they want it to last internationally and forever

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