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Mahmood - Soldi

Chart Position: #3 in Italy

Links: Purchase | Mahmood

A flavourful vocal flow with smooth depths and gorgeous highs which take centre stage. The beat is simple and sturdy. There are nice textural instrument elements, most notably the lovely cultural strings. The lyrics speak of betrayal and ask if it was just all about the “soldi”, the money. This song will be Italy’s entry for Eurovision song Contest 2019.

Zedd & Katy Perry - 365

Chart Position: #2 in Mauritius

Links: Purchase | Zedd | Katy Perry

An ultra futuristic, electronic beat enters giving a monotonous or robotic feel. This is clashed with a slightly shrill vocal tone, baring a nervous feeling, a guard held up. A warm air seeps in as she too begins to embrace the love inside of her. I want to just et go. It turns into this wonderful blossoming romance in the chorus with an equally charming production.

Alyosha - Горда (Gorda)

Chart Position: #3 in Ukraine

Links: Purchase | Alyosha

A sexy, striking voice pierces through setting your heart racing with the dark beat. A rock guitar makes its introduction adding fuel to the fire and creating a thrilling energy. Her vocals rise in passion and drama. Don’t leave me, she pleads. The lyrics tell a story of disoriented love, hopes tainted by pain, kisses met by cold silence.

By audiationmagazine, Mar 12 2019 11:11AM

Anuel AA & Karol G - Secreto

Position: #3 in Spain

Links: Purchase | Anuel AA | Karol G

A modern summer house production swirls together with the flavourful Spanish vocals. Her sultry air with his raspy tones. This song unveiled a relationship to their fans, the video portraying joyful couple’s memories.

Lara Fabian - Je Suis A Toi (Moto Blanco Remix)

Position: #12 in Mauritius

Links: Purchase | Lara Fabian | Moto Blanco

A funky production of retro grooves together with the French lyrics give a Parisian-chic feel. The sexy voice draws you in.

Sam Smith & Normani - Dancing With A Stranger

Position: #6 in UK

Links: Purchase | Sam Smith | Normani

A poetic take on love and heartbreak. The exquisite highs and silky smoothness of the chorus is the focal point, with a catchy hook. There is a beautiful harmony as his voice dances together with her feminine tones.

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