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The most weird, wonderful and magical show in underground music that is Elrow returned to the party capital of England for its 3rd edition of Elrow Town London, and they did not disappoint.

From the start, the punches were pulled with the opening set on the main stage being played by Elrow mainstay Marc Maya followed by an incredible b2b2b by Detlef, Lastmun & Nathan Barato.

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SUPERCALI-FRAGILISTIC-EXPI-ALI-DOCIOUS, that'd be my word of choice if I had to choose one word to describe the last ever Cocoon In The Park, as it was exactly that. It was as if Mary Poppins herself had made an appearance, taken the artists’ USBs & record boxes and replaced them with her own. The music was that damn good!

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The weekend of August 3rd & 4th will see the launch of Coombe Weekender - a brand new festival in Coventry which promises to deliver an eclectic music selection, embracing and promoting Coventry’s diverse, cultured nature.

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Mint Festival, one the most stand out festivals in the North of England, returns to Leeds with a stonker of a line-up for what is set to be one of its greatest editions.

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Courtesy of JUKEBOX PR
Courtesy of JUKEBOX PR

There are a few things in life that, historically, the Dutch are either just the best at or sit in that same bracket with just a few. Football, windmills, cannabis and festivals. Now I’m no stranger to a festival in Holland, as I’ve been to a few, but Music On Festival was something else. The music was most definitely on and those that were there to hear it could feel it right through their bodies a week later. Sweated out T-Shirts, battered bodies and blistered feet was the look and feeling that predominately all had succumbed to, because Marco Carola and the team behind the project had the music on and it was bumping. From the outlook alone, just scoping a view of the line-up of artists that were set to play was enough to make your mouth salivate: Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, Apollonia, Paco Osuna, Loco Dice, Steve Lawler and the rest. Seeing names like this and knowing that this was taking place in the capital of the Netherlands was enough to tickle me and get me excited, but being there in full action was a different feeling within itself as the Dutch really do know how to put together a party, as does the Music On team. The Ibiza nights speak for themselves.

Music On Festival was set over 2 days in early May and situated at Havenpark just a mere 20 minutes from the city centre and the venue truly was a masterpiece. My MO experience was only to last just for the 1st day, the Saturday, and it was truly enough. It was so good it had me contemplating cancelling my flight and rebooking just so I could attend the Sunday, but the responsible grown up inside of me won that battle. 1 big field with 2 stages. The main stage came with that familiar circus tent look from the outside whilst the inside holds the sounds brilliantly and the 2nd stage was the highly memorable greenhouse stage which is kind of synonymous with festivals in the ‘Dam. Both stages had indoor layers of wooden flooring and, I kid you not, this had an amazing effect. I can do nothing but smile whilst drawback memories of losing my sh*t to Apollonia in the greenhouse and feeling the floor just bounce beneath me, and those around me, as we simultaneously stomped the life out of things. Whilst top acts like Jesse Calosso & Marco Farone were there to warm things up in the heat of the afternoon, the whole entire festival was buzzing. Whether it be from alcohol, natural excitement or whatever, the whole entire grounds were buzzing, and rightly so, because riddim after riddim was being dropped across both stages. I stood there in the greenhouse with eyes locked to the front as the French trio of Dyed Soundorom, Dan Ghenacia & Shonky aka Apollonia dug deep into the record bags and played some of the best music I had ever heard in my life. As the evening begun to wear on, it just got better and better. Over in the main stage Paco Osuna had turned himself into the musical version of Bruce Lee and was kung fu kicking the sh*t out the sound system causing every raver in sight to dig deep and brandish new festival dance moves getting lost in the vibe. Things seemed to take a turn at one point and you could literally feel the levels step up a notch when Paco decided to drop Adam Beyer’s 2018 smash ‘Your Mind’. A set by either The Martinez Brother or Marco Carola was inevitably gonna be top class, but The Martinez Brother b2b with Marco Carola was just next level. This was different planet stuff. When a set of DJ’s can make you dance your bits off and, like it to a track that you would normally hear, and say ‘Its home time now’ then you know you the music was incredible. It’s that feeling of enjoying something that you know you shouldn’t really like. And for that reason alone, I shall be going back next year. Roll on Music On Festival 2020!


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