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By audiationmagazine, Mar 11 2019 11:11AM

My first piece of advice would be to always believe in your gifts and to not let anybody tell you who you can and can't be.

Study hard and work diligently, ask for help from other musicians around you, and don't take constructive criticism personally. Instead see it as an opportunity to grow.

However, you get to decide which direction you want to reach your branches in, always. Listen to others' opinions, yet form your own using your own intuition and judgement.

Lastly, if you haven't already, learn how to breathe from your diaphragm. Once I learned how to breathe properly, I stopped straining my vocal chords and difficult lines became easier, it's definitely an essential for the aspiring singer!


By audiationmagazine, Mar 8 2019 11:11AM

1. Be genuine in your expression. Make the music which resonates with your current emotional state

2. Learn from others and experiment, explore new musical paths

3. Ask for as much feedback as you can from other musicians, especially when it comes down to details and production.

4. Be creative in your promotion and don’t rely on a method only because it worked 20 years ago. Embrace change.


By audiationmagazine, Feb 6 2019 11:11AM

1. Be yourself.

2. Say yes to opportunities before you say no. (You can always change your mind, but not the other way.)

3. Keep creating.

4. Don’t be shy. (I’m still working on this.)

5. Don’t waste time building businesses that are not yours.

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