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The whimsical film will charm you with the quaint story of a young boy who discovers a love for music. Sailboat, played by Julian Atocani Sanchez, is an enigmatic character with a warm and loving heart.

A few notable members of the cast include Oscar winner J.K. Simmons as well as Jake Busey, Noel Gugliemi, Elizabeth De Razzo.

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Rick Live has worked in the DJ scene since his teenage years, having played in clubs and bars across the UK and Internationally with residencies in Ibiza, Malia, LA, Thailand & Australia.

“My inspiration has always come from the greats in the music industry from all types. From tracks like Man In The Mirror, Changes by 2pac and even current artists such as MK, Swedish House Mafia, Low Steppa, Sam Divine…”

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The versatile urban singer from Manchester, UK, brings raw lyrical flows and sweet twists which create a refreshing vocal concoction.

“I’ve been doing music from my early teens but I didn’t have the confidence! An opportunity came and I just went for it! It was now or regret it forever.”

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The Netherlands  rst rehearsal 2019 photography by Thomas Hanses
The Netherlands rst rehearsal 2019 photography by Thomas Hanses

Good evening Europe! Tel Aviv, Israel, hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the inspiring slogan: Dare To Dream. This theme represents the importance of inclusion, diversity and union.

Michela opened the show, representing Malta, with the upbeat and catchy EDM/ club track ‘Chameleon’. The colourful backdrops and a dirty drop definitely got the party started.

Kate Miller-Heidke took us into a fairytale world with ‘Zero Gravity’ for Australia. With exquisite high notes, a little yodelling and a theatrical performance, the sugary pop song was a wonder to the senses.

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The extraordinary vocal talent from Birmingham, UK, not only inspires us musically but also with his warm heart. The sound of T8PES is a melange of optimism for life together with nostalgic inspiration.

“I've always had quite an eclectic sound because I'm influenced by so many different artists and genres, so the musical style can be somewhat difficult to describe and pin down. The whole vibe of this debut T8PES project has been centred around old skool rave, garage and jungle with added elements of modern Hip Hop and Grime.“

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