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A sexy and fun dance number complete with a gorgeous silky voice.

Karmel released her second single, ‘Trafalgar Square’, in May 2019, along with her first music video and a synthpop remix by Fynn's Arcade. With a debut EP set for release later in the year, Karmel will also collaborate with international and local producers and develop her shows, both as a DJ and live performer, making for a jam-packed year ahead.

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Sydney is brimming with female talent! From London to Sydney, Karmel Jäger continues to make huge waves in the music world.

“I love playing whatever I’m currently obsessed with, but I also love making people get up and dance to music that they like too. For my own taste at the moment, I’m well into deep house and deep tech. Very different vibes but both totally mesmerising.”

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AAH MELBOURNE. HOME TO STREET ART AND GIFTED DJ’S... Before arriving in Australia, I connected with a well-known Melbourne-based DJ, Joey Sarantis, who invited me to a private party he was playing at. It was that night that I met the beautiful Tiff Cornish, a uniquely talented female DJ who’s making huge waves in the Australian scene. I was drawn to her presence and music as she rocked the decks that night. This lovely lady is going places...

“When I was 18 I started going to nightclubs and, one evening, I saw a female DJ playing some amazing house. She made me stop and really listen to dance music. I was totally captivated by the sound and feeling. Hooked on this music and the adrenalin, I knew I wanted to be that girl one day making others feel the way I did. And from there I just went for it. I love playing everything from tribal house, tech house, melodic techno & on the rare occasion a 90s hip-hop tune. I love throwing down a really random track in the middle of my set!”

In Melbourne you’ll find rich culture and hidden gems waiting to be discovered by the adventurous and curious.

“From the underground artists, the international superstars and undeniably talented locals the hardest part of every weekend or weeknight is trying to choose or as I like to “party split” between the many unique events and experience that lie within the night and sunny days. I am hoping to play a few more sets around the world and really work on releasing some new tracks with my own vocals.”

Read Full Interview | Purchase ‘You Get Me’ | Tiff Cornish

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What does a promising futuristic DJ from the UK, Jay Price, currently living in Auckland New Zealand and a South African DJ, now living in Australia, have in common? Get this! An unadulterated passion for music. Techno Music. The untainted colours and vibrations of sound that leave imprints on hearts and awaken souls.

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Daniela Rhodes aka D-Vox is a multi- genre international DJ, vocalist and radio presenter. Having played in Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Switzerland, Australia and held residency in The Maldives, she is wowing crowds all over with her head turning DJ sets incorporating her live, ambient vocals spreading words of inspiration out to her audiences. She hosts a popular and interactive live radio show on Afro*disiac Live Radio in Bournemouth UK for the last four years and holds several local residencies offering techno, trance, house, breaks, dnb, electro swing and more.

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