By audiationmagazine, Apr 14 2019 10:11AM

Presented by Discogs, the music collector’s festival heads to Brighton UK on 11 May 2019. It is the biggest festival of its kind, as many will know, Discogs too is the biggest vinyl seller on the planet. So, this event is set to be a haven for vinyl junkies.

By audiationmagazine, Apr 12 2019 10:11AM

On 18 - 21 July, the award-winning music, science and culture festival celebrates 50 years since the first moon landing in 1969. Held at the Jodrell Bank Observatory - of which assisted the tracking of Apollo 11’s landing - this is the perfect event to take a giant leap into exploration with the special theme.

By audiationmagazine, Mar 30 2019 11:11AM

Tugging at your heartstrings. The sweet and raw emotions pour through his versatile vocal tones - those exquisite highs a treat to the ears and a contrast against the gruff moments.

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