By audiationmagazine, Sep 20 2019 10:11AM

Jack, Nataly & Crew Members,

Hey there! I am writing while listening to your channel...

My favorite song/mash-up for now is the JamiroBeeGees Mash Up. The vocals are clear and perfectly pitched for the music you deliver.

Now, seeing the live performance is another burst of energy. You have those expressions of being so happy to be here and having good fun(k).

By audiationmagazine, Aug 20 2019 12:56PM

Pumping beats which dive straight to your hips allowing their wiggle while your feet can’t help moving.

The title track is a funky and vibrant floorfiller. Brass instruments rule this piece with gorgeous and fun air along with a lively tempo to get you dancing. Second track ‘Spend Time With You’ begins with a slightly deep and subdued tone which then rises up to another great, uplifting spirit.

By audiationmagazine, Jul 23 2019 10:11AM

The contemporary Jazz production in delightfully charming with a lovely intricate piano melody and a rhythmic beat. I know it’s always dark before the dawn. Her voice is so pretty and pure with soft waves and sweet notes.

"'Dancin' is a song about celebration," says Emily. "It's about breaking free from something toxic, taking back your power and turning a negative into a positive.”

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