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Our readers and supporters are so special to us and we wish that you all are able to trust our business. So here is a simple guide of the protection and use of your data.






1. For the purposes of our email newsletters we ask for your name and email address. This is so that we are able to communicate with you and allow access to new magazines and any music news we have to share.


2. We ask for your postal address for the purposes of posting free magazines to you when this is feasible in the future.


3. All personal data through our subscriptions are never shared to any person or entity. The owner of Audiation Magazine Ltd is the only person with access to this data. Y


4. You may unsubscribe from our list at any time and your data will be removed immediately.




Public Data


1. When commenting publicly with our brand or providing us with feedback, we may use your name and content of the comment/feedback in order to share your thoughts in relation to our company or the creative industry.






1. You may read and subscribe through our distributors, any data collected by them is their responsibility and we do not have control over their systems.


2. You may visit our friends and affiliates through our referral, any data collected by them is their responsibility and we do not have control over their systems.






1. We use Google Adsense and Adshotter advertiser programs to sustain our website. They are responsible for any data collected and we do not have any control over their system, please review their privacy policies for any further information.


2, We use the Bitly service for client campaigns to track demographics which include clicks, source and location. We track this data in order to show the client  how effective the campaign is.



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