Peachs O8CRR00s



Music, sunhine, singing, the beach, hiking, seeing my loved ones happy, simple things.


- Karina Nistal



My friends, family, love,  swimming in the ocean, dancing, my favourite songs, live music, being in nature, cute animals... and so much more!


- Danielle Bellas



I'll be dancin', takin' chances,

there's no time for second glances in this room, in this room


Spendin' money, I'm not sorry,

I just wanna move my fancy close to you, close to you


We keep on fallin' for one thing, well

So what?

My reasons to  

Aviran’s face when we are on tour because when he is not really awake yet he doesn’t know what is going on or what i am saying or the jokes i make.


- Savinien, ØKUNA



What makes me smile is also my dumb friend Savinien. More seriously, I really enjoy these moments, when we start a show, seeing the crowd smiling and raising their hands, waiting for their favorite song. In my opinion that's the best feeling I could have in music.


- Aviran, ØKUNA

My man :) ... and the crowd dancing and screaming to my music! I don't think I will ever have enough of this!





When a fan tells me that one of my songs has helped them get a through difficult situation, that is one of my greatest joys. Because at the end of the day that's all I'm trying to do, help and inspire others to see their worth and to fight for their dreams.


- Elexis Ansley


Love one another, in all diversities.


Open the mind & heart.


Step into a dream world.