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There’s something quite priceless about playing to a dance floor. Female DJ Nev G explores her ambitious nature together with a love of oldschool music. Discover the world’s first sing-as-you-go taxi service by Fortum which launches at Ruisrock festival. Aussi libre que moi, this enticing French rock song inspires a freedom to take a leap of faith and embrace new adventures. We reveal 10 chartworthy tv theme tunes including the iconic trance anthem by Paul Oakenfold and Andy Gray. From punk to classical, pop to dubstep, it’s all about the laughs and experimentation in the studio with The Dirty Outlaws. Am I pretty now? Through her debut single, Heidi Petite shares a powerful message to ignore society’s expectations, and just love yourself. We've got your events guide, show listings and music from Rae Stewart, Louise Golbey, Maya Jane Coles and Alexis Ffrench.




Issue AM049

“My daughter Savi is the main ‘smile giver’ for me. This creature is a miracle and incarnation of carelessness and innocence.” Dihaj



Christina Aguilera ft. Demi Lovato - Fall In Line 

Ladies, we needed a new anthem and this is it! All in all, it’s about women being our own person and not following society’s norm of what we should be doing.


Brian Owens & Thomas Owens - A Change is Gonna Come

The acceptance of being challenged from the inside and surrendering to the most high, enables us to witness the goodness that happens around. Manz ar li, Ena Sanzman dan ler! Dont give up, A Change is coming!


"As soon as one understands the sampling and trimming, necessary to compose with these everyday sounds, the world opens up to be one massive (potential) soundboard, waiting to be played by a creative mind."


This is the behind the scenes video of how JJ Riordan creates an awesome house track from his new flat.