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Every song ends, is that any reason not to enjoy the music? With a smorgasbord of alien sounds from the unknown, head to the rave at London’s new 24-hour venue FOLD. Learn about Steinberg, uniting schools across the UK in a collaboration project to save music education. Seeing some of the biggest DJs supporting my music really inspired me… House & techno artist Eskuche talks about his upcoming release on Hot Creations. Party with a purpose at Choose Love, a night celebrating good music and Syrian food in Ibiza. We've got your events guide, show listings and music from DJ S.K.T, Hybrid, Sophia Mina, Phonetix, Villem & Mcleod, Lostly and Kobe JT.



Issue AM051

"My kitty Sebastian. Techno. Playing a live gig. Beautiful surprises and divinely guided synchronistic messages from my intuition and the Universe."

Sharm Pillay, things that make me smile.



A mismatch of ideas

A balance of light


We don't seem to fit

Our bodies entwine


Take two

Pink and blue

Just me and you




Like dark turning into day, Somehow we’ll come through