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1. When submitting articles for magazine contributions:

- All words must be your own, or permission granted for use with a name and quotation.

- All images must be your own, or press artwork for the associated release.

- Please do not use offensive language.

- Please do not be negative.



2. When submitting music/videos for review and feature:

- All videos & music must be your own or with your artist' consent.

- If your track has swear words, or video has racy content please specifiy in your listings and to us that it is explicit.



3. We cannot be responsible for any submissions which breach copyright issues, so please be aware when sending us anything that you have all the relevent permissions and agreements beforehand.



4. Please ensure all video and music submissions are to the best quality possible.



5. All submissions will be considered. Not all submissions will be featured.

How can I purchase a physical/PDF copy?

Click your prefered issue(s) in the Peecho section, this will direct you to order a magazine.


How much is the digital subscription?

It's FREE!


How can my new video be featured on Audiation TV?

Contact us and tell us more details with a video file via access link, and we will be happy feature you.


Do you accept article contributions?

Yes! Email us your ideas and article and we will get in touch with you.


How can I get my music reviewed/featured?

Send us a link to your music and our team will listen and review your track(s).


I'm not a professional artist, can I still be featured?

Yes, as long as you have a passion for music and we see potential, then we would love to feature you.


I would like to advertise with you, is it expensive?

Tell us about your business and what you'd like then we will discuss an advertising solution which is best to suit your needs at an affordable price.


Are you available to do press coverage for my event?

Yes, contact us with all the details whilst we grab our camera and dancing shoes!


Can I become a partner?

Sure, tell us about your work, offer us cakes and let's go!


Can I be a feature writer?

Yes, contact us and show any previous examples, and we'd love to have you on the team.


Can I ask you a question about the music industry or ask for your advice?

Yes, we are always willing to help further your music career and knowledge however we can.



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