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Mary, Brand Ambassador
Sarah, Staff Writer
David, Associate Editor
Ruby, Owner & Editor
Rokuro, Associate Editor
Cessle, Associate Editor
Malachi, Staff Writer
Andy, Staff Writer
Jess, Staff Writer
Steve, Staff Writer

Ruby, Owner & Editor

Label assistant to AWJ Recordings, blogger at UKGarage.Org and Mizz Ruby music sites.


"Music is the voice of the soul. It is much more than sound. Music can be a comforter, party maker, career path or a way of life."

Rokuro,  Associate Editor

Producer & DJ with official remixes for the likes of Black Eyed Peas, Orbital and Paul Oakenfold. He is currently remixing and producing for a host of talented singers and artists worldwide.


"Music joins people together from all around the world, without music life would be pretty boring."

Cessle,  Associate Editor

Co-Founder of Kurvature Records, Press & Promo Officer at Casa Loca, Artist Manager to Adam Cotier, DJ, Promoter & full time Music snob. Cessle has an ear for music and new talent and a passion for sharing music.


"The birth of ones child is the only feeling that comes close to getting lost in music."

Sarah,  Staff Writer

Chicago college student who loves all genres of music. Live nice. Think big. Have fun.


"Music is a form of art that reveals a truth in a world full of mystery. It ignites a spark to express hidden feelings and act as the wisest, entertaining, comforting and best friend around."


Malachi,  Staff Writer

BA Popular Music student, songwriter & performer. Experience in promotions whilst enjoying the UK underground music scene.


"No matter whats happening in life, it's usually great music will keep you going."



Andy, Staff Writer

Founder of Slime Recordings. Designed to move minds.


"Music is life. It's a universal language that has no barriers. It unifies people around the world. It brings people joy. Music has been the defining aspect of my whole existence and I treasure each day for the chance to hear new music, explore new sonic horizons, experience new sounds."


David,  Associate Editor

Aspiring artiste and writer. I represent my generation, the generation of teenagers who seem afraid of dreaming big in fear of being incompetent. Never Fear; Persevere.


"It’s all about love. Music and love are the same things really. And if kids grew up with music in their lives, then there’s no question that their lives would always be filled with love."


Steve, Staff Writer

Classical singer, guitar player, trumpeter (beginner), song writer, composer, discovering new talents & genres and promotes Mauritian local artists.


"Music is a way of living and cannot be detailed. It can start from the very sounds at the end of my headphones to the very thought of a track that’s playing on my mind with the tapping of my feet on the ground."


Jessie,  Staff Writer

Blogger, poetry writer and full time mum.


"Music to me means everything. You can escape in a song and the lyrics can mean so much. For me it's an escape a relaase a chance to write how I feel and allow other readers to relate. Music has always been a massive part of my life from Elvis to slipknot ny taste varies. Music has saved me many times."


Mary,  Brand Ambassador

Rock singer, songwriter, guitar player. My motto is strong motivation, hope and optimism!


"Music is the way I see the world."


Ashna, Creative Assistant

I would describe myself as someone who is calm and optimistic. I always see things in a different and positive perspective.


"Music to me is love because it is something that you cannot describe, you can only feel it. Music binds people together, ending war and bringing peace to the soul."




Tamara,  Brand Ambassador

I am a legal advisor in banking, corporate and music law as well as a casual photographer.


"Music is a material artwork of my dreams that inspires me to overcome difficulties of everyday life. I admire people who can make it!"

Christina, Vice President 

Self-professed music addict. Co-founder and Vice President of Audiation Magazine, owner of The Sassy Yank Media Services, The Sassy Yank Music Publication and Promotions, PR/Press Manager for D3ep Radio Network. She has worked with numerous artists, producers, record labels and radio stations around the globe over the years. She is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) as both a writer and publisher.


“You know you are a music addict when you get a natural high when you hear a tune you love!”

Christina s

Sharm, Staff Writer

My ultimate goal is to inspire and entertain whilst fulfilling my purpose: Raising the planet’s vibration, awakening intuitive hearts, sharing my story, anchoring spirit into matter, channeled into my music via DJ platform, SEKSiCuLLTURE..


“Music is my Truth. Techno is my Heart. Love the mediator that led to a connected, liberating, beautiful, surrender to my inner peace. I’ve found my Light. Shining it brightly is my Purpose.”

Sharm Pillay DJ 4 s
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