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13th March 2014, the simple idea was born to create one single platform for music lovers. It had initially been the thought of an app fusing together all the blogs and music work of our portfolios. Myself (Ruby) and Christina both shared a passion for music and had experience in assisting the industry. This idea tumbled into the thought of an app in the style of a magazine layout, and then onto a magazine project. The process of choosing a name for this was not easy. From Beyond Sound, The Sound Addict, Music Life, Encore and countless more names, Audiation finally came to us. The imagination of sound - the meaning resonated with us so well. 1st May 2014, Audiation Magazine, issue AM001 was published. We were thrilled to see our work being received positively, knowing that we had produced something so wonderful. The magazine was going to be sold at a set price or annual subscription, but we scrapped this. We realised that people don't really buy magazines that much anymore, especially being new and unknown. As well as this, we wanted to be able to reach the biggest audience we could and thus help promote artists to more people all over the world. This is when we decided to have an entirely free to read publication without limitations. We brought on more writers and gained great support. 30th December 2014, the incorporation of Audiation Magazine Ltd was processed and we were an official company! We continued on to add more distributors and increase readership globally. In February 2015, our ideas had frayed and Christina sadly resigned from the company. She is a brilliant promoter and enjoys sharing talented musicians, I will forever be grateful for our partnership and for her showing me that whatever you want in life - just go ahead and do it. That year was a challenge for me, beginning and ending with team losses. But, the support and passion stayed strong and kept us going.


The team consists of incredibly unique minds and we are a beautiful family. Lover of electronic/pop styles, Rokuro is also really skilled with his own productions. He knows of the industry flaws and challenges, and likes to work with people who are true to themselves and work hard. It's so crazy how Cessle can just stumble into great opportunities and works hard to make his mark. He loves techno and house, and enjoys discovering cool talent as well as helping the industry with his ventures including events and label work. Ever eager Sarah is always up for participating and exploring interesting goings on in the industry such as presenting on radio and being part of promotions. She loves to keep up with the current music trends and artists, and enjoys pop and country styles. Malachi, he's always keen to work on and learn new things whilst working on his singing career. He loves urban music and connecting with passionate musicians. Andy is the one who'd do something but won't accept a thank you. With his own label, he enjoys bass and garage, and loves to work with unique forms of creativity. David is a kind soul who puts all into everything he does and is working hard to build his career. He has a taste for varied soulful music, he loves to spread positivity and has a lovely original way of thinking. Steve is a very down to earth, nurturing type, always looking for new ways to develop in the arts. He enjoys a variety of indie styles and interesting people who have stories to tell. Mary and her sister Tamara are huge supporters of people doing great things and will always look to help the world in the best creative ways, whilst Mary also shines in her own rock music career. Jessie has a delicate heart and works hard to understand and show care to all that she believes in, she enjoys various styles of indie and pop music especially the musical icons. Artistic girl Ashna is always looking to try out new things and have fun with beautiful art, she loves music that will make you feel interesting vibes. Though spread across the world, We are bound by a passion for music and I am truly thankful for them all, each bringing something special.


I have always enjoyed getting lost in music, you can find a song to suit any mood and scenario. I love to try my hand at everything I can, and not stick to one identity. I have worked and progressed in media and music since I was young and this project blends the two. It allows me to help unique minds and be creative. I blend in my backgrounds with tastes for the innovative UK style against the cultural Mauritian style. I also work with various other projects and enjoy exploring the creative world.


Influences - I grew up enjoying two prominent UK brands which still continue to influence me today - KISS FM UK and Channel 4. Formally known as Kiss 100, I would jump and up down to the lively music in the 90s/00s and enjoyed the humour on the Bam Bam breakfast shows. It was the only station which catered to a young audience and still is one of the few to do that now with a new slick style and two new spin-off stations. The breakfast shows retaining the humour, daytimes with the famous hour of KISSTORY, commercial music and late hours hosting fresh talent. Channel 4 was literally the 4th channel in British TV, mainly commercially funded. It was the rebel of the TV world, they had fun with bubbly chat shows, crazy prank shows, wild nudity and swears. It also was the channel which appealed to younger audiences, and still is. Its honesty and diversity is clearly presented throughout their brand, now also with multiple sister channels. Channel 4 especially inspires me to do things which I want to do rather than what I should do, both in work and in life. Besomebody is one more brand which I'd like to mention here as they are exceptionally motivational and promote people to live their passions no matter what.


In terms of design, all elements of our brand are artistically created with attention to detail. Our colour palette is comprised of a blues and pinks, the subtle contrast reflects the balance of varied tastes and audiences surrounding us. These are use with a classic black and white backing and design accents. The bohemian pieces represent a free-spirited nature whilst the natural wood holds us to pure roots of our passion. The delicate logo in a Scriptina font is our final flourish. Altogether we have an understated style and character.


Audiation Magazine is a global monthly music publication which is free to read online and available for on demand print purchases. We feature all styles of music and various languages in the magazine, each piece is an expression of what our writers and featured artists wish to show. We do not have set rules and allow the words to come naturally with few edits. Articles are not constrained to simply music - we like to be broad in the way we express our passion and include a variety of topics including poetry, fashion and lifestyle. Each chosen topic will reflect the thoughts of the writer and revolve around music in some way. The magazine is free to read as we understand the difficulty in which creative individuals face when trying to go far, thus we want to help their talents reach as much of the world as possible. We have wonderful partners, Vinyl For A Cause bring together their favourite musicians with a percentage of proceeds going to charity, and, Right Chord Music who help to promote and develop interesting independent musicians.


We wish to inspire minds, express creativity and radiate optimism to the world through music.


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