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July 2019 Issue 60 features an insight into independent film A Boy Called Sailboat and diverse event Coombe Weekender plus interviews with Karmel Jäger and Rick Live.


Get lost in the rhythm of love. Discover A Boy Called Sailboat, the whimsical independent film of a young boy who sparks joy all around him through the humble ukulele. Never compare your beginning with someone else’s middle. Get to know Karmel Jäger as she flourishes in the rebellious Sydney underground scene. Singing songs which evoke happiness, Oggie talks about his new album of feelgood nostalgia and vocal versatility. A lethal and exciting combination. UK DJ & producer Rick Live reveals his experience collaborating with Katie Price and also shares his aims of bringing people together through music. Get the lowdown on the stand-out Mint Festival and diverse Coombe Weekender in the UK, as well as the exciting 25 Years Josh Lasden celebration in Belgium. We've got your events guide, show listings and music from Emily Bear, Morganway, Axel Jansson, Otosan, Sorana and more.


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